Southern Baptists are reaching people around the world through Cooperative Program (CP) Missions. CP presents a unified and comprehensive budget, throwing a funding blanket over statewide, national, and international missions and ministries. It provides a long‐term sustainability for our entities. When a church makes their missions giving as a percentage of their church budgets, it provides consistency and stability. It adheres to our long term Baptist principle that “we can do more together than alone.” CP mitigates competition between entities thereby allowing a balanced Acts 1:8 Strategy. It levels the playing field, and makes a place at the table for small and ethnic churches. Every church can stand hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, on level ground, as partners in the gospel (large churches, small churches, new churches, growing churches, graying churches, and ethnic churches). The 3,052 SB churches in Florida give about $30 million to the Cooperative Program; about 49% of this will first go to the Florida Baptist Convention and the remaining 51% will then go on to the Southern Baptist Convention.

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