Calvary Baptist Church
Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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David Cash

David Cash, Minister to Children

David Cash has served as the Minister to Children at Calvary since 2011. He has been a member of Calvary since 2004. He was our Awana Club commander from 2006 to 2011. He continues to serve in Awana as the T&T Director. David and his wife, Terrie, are the proud parents of a son, Colton (21), and daughter, Carley (19). Prior to coming to Calvary, David and his family were active duty Navy for 20 years. They served in Pensacola, Maryland and Japan.


David led a mission trip to Hurley, NY in 2012.


Little Known Facts:

Favorite College Football Team: University of North Carolina Tarheels

Favorite relaxation activity: Blowing up digital enemies

Top Television shows: Doctor Who, Fringe, Star Trek: Next Generation

Favorite Movies: Inception, Casablanca, Blues Brothers

Crazy Childhood facts: Thought the UPS delivery truck was the chocolate milk man.

What's on my Ipod: Jars of Clay, ApologetiX, Caedmon’s Call

Fun Activities: Laughing with my family, listening to music






A.A.S. in Electronic Engineering Technology

Pensacola Junior College


Commander College 301

Awana HQs



Community Involvement

David has served as a ministry member with the regional Awana missionary since 2006. He has performed Awana leader training and events for churches across the Florida Panhandle and Alabama.